We believe that educational visits are an integral part of the entitlement of every pupil to an effective and balanced curriculum. Appropriately planned visits are known to enhance learning and improve attainment, and so form a key part of what makes William Torbitt Primary School a supportive and effective learning environment. The benefits to pupils of taking part in visits and learning outside the classroom include, but are not limited to:

• Improvements in their ability to cope with change.
• Increased critical curiosity and resilience.
• Opportunities for meaning making, creativity, developing learning relationships and practicing strategic awareness.
• Increased levels of trust and opportunities to examine the concept of trust (us in them, them in us, them in themselves, them in each other).
• Improved achievement and attainment across a range of curricular subjects. Pupils are active participants not passive consumers, and a wide range of learning styles can flourish.
• Enhanced opportunities for ‘real world’ ‘learning in context’ and the development of the social and emotional aspects of intelligence.
• Increased risk management skills through opportunities for involvement in practical risk-benefit decisions in a range of contexts. i.e. Encouraging pupils to become more risk aware as opposed to rick averse.
• Greater sense of personal responsibility.
• Possibilities for genuine team working including enhanced communication skills.
• Improved environmental appreciation, knowledge, awareness and understanding of a variety of environments.
• Improved awareness and knowledge of the importance and practices of sustainability.
• Physical skill acquisition and the development of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Examples of educational visits have recently included:

• 5 day residential trip to Norfolk (Year 5)
• Fire Service/Ambulance Service
• Sailing at Fairlop Waters
• Fullwell Cross Swimming Pool (Year 5)
• Epping Forest Centre
• Science Museum
• National Gallery
• Natural History Museum
• British Museum
• Hainault Forest
• Redbridge Museum
• London Planetarium
• London Aquarium
• Southbank Centre
• London Zoo
• Redbridge Sports Centre
• Climbing at Fairlop Waters
• Olympic Park
• Redbridge Cycling Centre
• London Museum
• ABP Galley (Hackney)
• Various places of worship, linked to RE

Please find below our Educational Visits Policy.

Educational Visits Policy 2017