Register of Pecuniary, Business interests.

NameDate of appointmentPecuniary, business or personal interestDate register signedNIL Return
Mrs Bharathy Jeyanthiran31.10.17 -30.10.21No interests declared 30.11.17Nil Return
Mr Jaiyesh Patel18.06.17 - 17.06.21No interests declared 22.11.16Nil Return
Mr Michael Borrott18.06.17 - 17.06.21No interests declared30.11.17Nil Return
Mrs Karen Fage20.07.15No interests declared 23.11.16Nil Return
Mr Paul Kerrison19.06.13No interests declared 23.11.16Nil Return
Mrs Patricia Hinds01.09.08Son - employed at the school
Daughter - employed at the school
30.11.17Nil Return
Mrs Syeda Ambreen Zeeshan07.10.16 - 06.10.20No interests declared 23.11.16Nil Return
Jane Tyler23.11.16 - 22.11.20Publishing Director - Rising Stars & Galore Park - Educational Publishers 30.11.17Nil Return
Mrs Sandra Baptiste23.11.16 - 22.11.20Child attends the school 02.12.17Nil Return
Mr Mohammed Din Arshad23.11.16 - 22.11.20No interests declared 23.11.16Nil Return
Mr Stuart Phillips23.11.16 - 22.11.20No interests declared 30.11.17Nil Return
Mr Turabi Ay05.05.17 - 04.05.21Company Director - Auya Limited T/A Design - Architects 30.11.17Nil return
Mr Rajesh Zala31.10.17 - 30.10.17No interests declared30.11.17Nil return