Sandra Baptiste
A married mother of 3 siblings, working in the Transport Industry from being a PA to a Premises Inspector. I have an interest in children and their welfare hence why choosing to become a Parent Governor. I previously volunteered to work with young mothers and their children and I am now training as a mentor working with vulnerable children. As an avid fitness fan I regularly attend the gym along with other sport activities. In having a balance lifestyle I have had to adapt in the way of being very organised and flexible.

I believe my attributes and skills being educated in Business & Finance and IT would play a great part in the continued development of William Torbitt Primary School not only for the children, parents and teachers.

Stuart Phillips
I am a retired teacher and former Headteacher, with nearly forty years’ experience in eduction mainly in East London Boroughs. I have lived in Wanstead for 20 years, where both my children went to school I have previous experience of serving as a governor in schools in Newham, as well as time as Headteacher governor. I am very interested in sport, and has memberships of both Woodford Green Athletic Club and Wanstead Cricket Club, where I play a leading role in junior cricket.

Jaiyesh Patel
I have lived in Redbridge for over 27 years and my daughter attended William Torbitt Primary School starting in the nursery and she is now in University. I have been a School Governor for over 14 years at William Torbitt seeing the school go through many challenges. As a governor, I believe that is it all providing a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for the children to excel and ensure their time at the school is the best it can be.

Jane Tyler
I live in Redbridge and have a son at school in the borough. As a governor, I enjoy helping contribute to ensure children’s experience of school is the best it can be. I work for an educational publishing company which produces teaching and learning resources for primary and secondary schools. This has given me a good insight into the key issues in education and changes in educational policy – experience which I can bring to my role as governor.

Muhammed Din Arshad
I am an IT Consultant who is working on Cloud Transformation Projects, most recently for Deutsche Bank.

I am an enthusiastic and committed individual, keen to work together with the school to promote high standards of educational attainment. In addition, I have an educational background and is qualified to teach IT and Computing.

Michael Borrott
I have lived in Newbury Park most of my life and attended William Torbitt School in the 1970’s. I became a governor in the 1990’s and been involved in the school ever since. I work for the civil service as an accountant and feel it is important to put something back into the school which started my education and to assist the education and development of the children who attend William Torbitt School now.

Syeda Ambreen Zeeshan
I am Ambreen. I have done my degree in Finance and Business administration. I have worked as banker but currently I am house wife giving full time to my children. I was selected as parent governor in October 2017.

My three children go to William Torbitt Primary School. Just like all other parents, I want very best for my children. I want them to be happy and confident in their educational environment. As parents we need to support school in doing the best for our children. Being Parent governor is an excellent opportunity to get involved in school matters and to provide support to the school staff who are already doing their best for the future of our children.

Mrs Bharathy Jeyanthiran
I I have been part of the school for the last 13 years, my two eldest children came to the school and my third child is currently in year 3. I have worked in the school and supported in classes where I was needed for over three years. I am a highly motivated and dedicated parent governor for the nearly 8 years. I have supported the school community by giving parents extra support and have volunteered for many school trips. I have B Sc Diploma in Science and a former teacher of Maths, Science & English (through Tamil) to Secondary school students in Sri-Lanka. I have worked in Nurseries in Redbridge and have qualifications in Childcare, Teaching Assistant Level 2 & 3 and a Diploma in Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector. I have also completed an Early Years Special Educational needs course as well as a pediatric first aid course.
I hope to continue to improve the school by supporting parents and the school community to make William Torbitt Primary School reach its goals.

Rajesh Zala
My two sons attend William Torbitt Primary School. As well as living and working abroad, I have resided in the area since 1993. Along with parents and other stakeholders, I share the desire that our children are given the best rounded education within a collaborative positive environment that builds a foundation in their formative years that will allow them to reach their full potential later in life, and not just at an academic level. This requires maximising the efficient use of available resources both human and financial capital into the development needs of our children on an inclusive basis. I would like to offer my insights and experience gained over the course of my career as a lawyer and business professional working across the world, to assist the school in, amongst others, (i) setting and prioritising its short and longer term Strategic Objectives and Performance and Development Targets and (ii) becoming more Accountable and Transparent, with a view to creating a future road map of excellence and best practice across all facets of the school; but with the overarching goal of making school life as enjoyable as possible for the pupils and staff.”